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4S Wiki Introduction

Welcome to the 4S wiki pages. The primary audience of these pages are readers with a technical background (typically software developers or architects) who have an interest in learning more about the 4S software – and hopefully joining our community. Of course, non-technical readers are welcome to tag along as well!

In short, 4S can be described as follows:

Furthermore, 4S do not exist to promote its own “solution”, but is working to promote collaboration on and around health related software and data, across public and private sectors. Through the use of open technologies, reference architectures, and international standards, the goal of the 4S ecosystem is to make it easier, faster and cheaper to practically achieve better healthcare IT solutions by facilitating the cooperation on tele-health IT solutions and breaking down silos.

The 4S organisation is changing fast these days, and we do our best to keep the information provided on these pages up-to-date. However, if you rely on any of this, please contact us to let us know (contact info is at the bottom of this page).

Learn More

We invite you to read more about 4S at the following pages:

Information about 4S software can be found under Projects.

If you have questions or comments, you are also invited to contact us:

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