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The cda2xds-service is a microservice that submits received CDA documents to an XDS repository.

The service subscribes to messages from Kafka on the topic named “CDA”. The service expects the payload of these message to be in HL7 CDA format. Upon receipt it will submit a received CDA document to an IHE XDS repository (using Provide And Register Document Set - ITI41).

Project status

4S maturity level: Prototyping


Service messaging

Kafka consumer:

  • Topics: “CDA”, “PHMR”
  • Payload / record content: HL7 CDA (XML)

Consumed web services

Based on IHE XDS and expects a web service endpoint supporting IHE ITI transaction Provide & Register Document Set - b [ITI-41] (see standards:documentsharing)

Source code

Issue Tracking


The cda2xds source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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