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 ====== Observation Service ====== ====== Observation Service ======
-The Observation Service handles ​Hapi-FHIR Observation resources and stores them in a local database ​- which can be seen as cache of the observation data.+The Observation Service handles ​HL7 FHIR Observation resources and stores them in a local database. The Observation Service provides ​REST interface for storing and retrieving FHIR Observation resources.
-The Observation Service provides ​REST interface for storing and retrieving ​FHIR Observation ​resources.+The service subscribes to Kafka on a specific topic in order to receive FHIR Observations. When receiving ​a FHIR Observation ​resource it is stored in the Observation Service database. 
 +The service also writes event messages back to Kafka signifying what the type of operation was performed (e.g. "​created"​) and the resource, that was handled.
-===== Get the source ​code =====+===== Project status ===== 
 +4S maturity level: Prototyping 
 +===== Documentation ===== 
 +  * [[4smicroservices:​overview|Documentation on the 4S microservice infrastructure]] 
 +  * [[https://​​4s/​observation-service|Build run and test instructions]] 
 +==== Service RESTful API ==== 
 +The Observation Service exposes a HL7 FHIR RESTful interface for [[https://​​fhir/​http.html#​2.1.0|managing]] (create, update, read etc.) [[https://​​fhir/​observation.html|FHIR Observation resources]]. 
 +[[4smicroservices:​observationservice:​conformance|Observation Service FHIR API (conformance statement)]] 
 +FHIR Observation resources are exposed at ''/​Observation''​. //​Example://​ 
 +curl -i -X GET http://​localhost:​8089/​Observation/​ 
 +==== Service Messaging ==== 
 +__Kafka consumer:​__ 
 +  * Topic: Topic: observation 
 +  * Payload: [[https://​​fhir/​observation.html|HL7 FHIR Observation resource]] in JSON format 
 +__Kafka producer:​__ 
 +  * Topic: observation-service 
 +  * Payload: JSON on the form <​code>​{"​type":​ string, "​resource":​ string, "​message":​ string}</​code>​ where ''​type''​ is the type of operation that has been performed (e.g. "​created"​),​ ''​resource''​ is the resource type operated on (e.g. "​observation"​) and ''​message''​ is the resource content operated on (in JSON format). 
 +===== Source ​code =====
 From 4S bitbucket: https://​​4s/​observation-service From 4S bitbucket: https://​​4s/​observation-service
 +===== Issue Tracking =====
 +[[https://​​browse/​SEC|Issue tracking for the 4S Microservices project]]
 +===== License =====
 +The Observation Service source code is licensed under the [[http://​​licenses/​LICENSE-2.0|Apache 2.0 license]].
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