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QuestionnaireResponse Service

The QuestionnaireResponse Service handles HL7 FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resources and stores them in a local database. The QuestionnaireResponse Service provides a REST interface for storing and retrieving FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resources.

The service subscribes to Kafka on a specific topic in order to receive FHIR QuestionnaireResponse. When receiving a FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resource it is stored in the QuestionnaireResponse Service database. The service also writes event messages back to Kafka signifying what the type of operation was performed (e.g. “created”) and the resource, that was handled.

Project status

4S maturity level: Prototyping


Service RESTful API

The QuestionnaireResponse Service exposes a HL7 FHIR RESTful interface for managing (create, update, read etc.) FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resources.

QuestionnaireResponse Service FHIR API (conformance statement)

FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resources are exposed at /QuestionnaireResponse. Example:

curl -i -X GET http://localhost:8081/QuestionnaireResponse/

Service Messaging

Kafka consumer:

Kafka producer:

  • Topic: qr-service
  • Payload: JSON on the form
    {"type": string, "resource": string, "message": string}

    where type is the type of operation that has been performed (e.g. “created”), resource is the resource type operated on (e.g. “questionnaire-response”) and message is the resource content operated on (in JSON format).

Source code

Issue Tracking


The QuestionnaireResponse Service source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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