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 ====== Where is 4S going? ====== ====== Where is 4S going? ======
-this also explains why to this day, the Net4Care and OpenTele ​repositories and documents ​are quite dissimilar. ​+As described on the [[:​introduction:​4s_history|page about the 4S history]], the code base comprises three major parts originating from different telemedicine pilot projects: the [[net4care:​overview|Net4Care toolbox]], the [[opentele:​overview|OpenTele platform]], and the [[kih-database:​overview|KIH database]]. This also explains why to this day, the code repositories and documentation of these parts are quite dissimilar. ​
 +It is however the ambition of 4S to align these projects in the future with respect to quality and documentation requirements.
-====== Learn More ======+===== New Projects ===== 
 +Future projects in 4S will result in collections of much smaller modules, each designed to solve a single small problem and then fit into a larger picture comprising many modules. The principles of this architecture is discussed [[:​opentele3:​ot3_to_be_architecture|here]] and the next steps of the development of the OpenTele platform are described [[:​opentele3:​ot3_how_to_get_there|here]]. 
 +Two projects have been launched under this new architecture:​ The [[:4sdc:|4S Device Communication]] module collection is a cross-platform framework for modules used to communicate with personal health devices, and the [[:​opentele3:​questionnaire_editor|Questionnaire Editor]] is a tool for building QFDD-compliant questionnaires. 
 +===== Quality Management ===== 
 +4S is currently working on creating a quality management system with processes to ensure the quality of its software as well as the documentation. This will make it easier for companies who are developing medical equipment (subject to the Medical Devices Directive) to integrate 4S software in their products. 
 +You can read more about these efforts [[:​quality:​|here]]. 
 +===== Learn More ===== 
 +  * [[:​roadmaps:​|Roadmaps and Plans]] 
 +  * [[:​quality:​|Quality Management and Medical Devices]]
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