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MHD Server

The MHD Server is a standalone component implementing the IHE Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) profile. The profile defines a light weight RESTful service interface to document sharing environments like XDS.

You can read more about IHE MHD on our page about document sharing.

Project Status

The first implementation was mocked up in the spring of 2014. This implementation was based on the original (non FHIR) version from 2012. This implementation can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, the IHE MHD profile has been updated, to for instance allow for publishing of documents, but most significantly the newer versions are based on HL7 FHIR. The officially published version of the profile is now (Dec. 2015) based on FHIR DSTU1 (Draft Standard for Trial Use), but these days (2015-2016) IHE are working on updating the profile to FHIR DSTU2 version. We have now initiated the development of a new MHD server that we call “MHD FHIR Server” and this is being based on the DSTU2 version of FHIR. This implementation can be accessed here.

Known Applications

The (original) MHD Server is used in the current version of Net4Care PHMR Viewer.

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