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PHMR Builder

The PHMR Builder is a standalone component for producing Personal Health Monitoring Reports, which follows the Danish profiling of PHMR. The component contains a data model inspired by greenCDA, where only the dynamic CDA fields are described, e.g. the patient information. The static CDA fields are provided automatically, e.g. the template identifier. This gives a coherent and easy to use interface for building PHMR. The work was initiated by Henrik Bærbak Christensen, who designed the architecture, and implemented the main parts of the component.Torben Bisgaard Haagh and Lars Christian Duus Hausmann implemented various aspects of the project.

See the projects readme for more technical information.

Work Group

The current work group for the PHMR Builder is:

Please report back to the work group, if you are willing to contribute to the project.

Known Applications

The PHMR Builder is at least used in the following applications:

Please report back to the work group, if you are using the component.


The tutorial is a BitBucket project. Just navigate to and follow the instructions on the overview page.

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