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PHMR Viewer

The PHMR Viewer is a standalone component for searching and viewing PHMR documents. Technically it can view any CDA document, as it utilizes the HL7 cda.xsl stylesheet to render the document.

The PHMR Viewer uses the Net4Care MHD server to for searching and retrieving documents.

Project Status

The PHMR Viewer is a quick mock-up, which can be used as a developer tool for retrieving documents from XDS. There is also a number of known issues, e.g. with encoding.

The PHMR Viewer should be reimplemented as a single page application (SPA), which retrieves the documents using the REST services exposed by the MHD Server. An implementation using AngularJS will allow for reusable UI components, e.g., a search directive and a rendering directive, or possible multiple rendering directives, e.g. one for PHMR, one for QFDD, etc.

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