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OpenTele 2 Developer Guides

These pages contain information of interest to people who wish to develop on OpenTele. Some technical knowledge is expected of the reader.

Before fetching and building the source code it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the OpenTele 2 documentation, in particular the guide for developers. Though, unfortunately, this documentation is currently only available in Danish.

Source code

4S uses Git and Bitbucket for source control. The source code for OpenTele 2 can be fetched from a number of Git repositories on Bitbucket. See this page for Git URLs and short descriptions of the server and client components that make up OpenTele 2.

Build Prerequisites

A number of tools are needed in order to build and test

  • Android SDK 16
  • Bower (Unknown version)
  • Grails 2.4.4
  • Grunt (Unknown version)
  • Java 7
  • Maven 3.0.5
  • npm (Unknown version)
  • PhantomJS (Unknown version)
  • Calabash (Unknown version)
  • Ruby (1.8.7 or higher)

Install instructions:

  • We have detailed install instructions for the above tools for Ubuntu Desktop here.

Build Instructions

  • Build instructions are found here.

Setting up a Development Server

Contributing Changes

If you have some code you want to get included in the OpenTele project, it is important that you know about and follow our contribution process (If you don't like it, then argue for it to be changed, and do it in JIR-17, instead of trying to bypass it.)

Developer Guides for Previous Versions

Read here if you want to develop code for OpenTele 1 - This is the original version of OpenTele which it is being phased out, replaced by OpenTele2.

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