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OpenTele 2 Sandbox

June 29, 2016 version

To make it easier to get started with developing code for OpenTele 2, we have created a virtual machine (VM) that can be downloaded. The machine contains running versions of the OpenTele 2 servers, and is set-up with everything needed for building the various part of OpenTele 2.

The machine can be downloaded from here (MD5 Checksum 05cbe09c812bf0633fa9ba1768a4842e). In order to run the machine you need to have VirtualBox installed. Furthermore, before importing and launching the machine, please follow this guide to enable network access from the host machine to the virtual machine.

After launching the VM it should automatically log in and start Firefox on a page that explains a bit about what is installed and give links to the various servers running on the machine, as well as user names and passwords for the servers. In case the automatic launch fails, the username/password for the machine is sandbox/sandbox and the link to the page with further information on the machine is:

Online OpenTele 2 Sandbox

In addition to the VM, a running version of OpenTele 2 has been deployed on our internal servers.

The Clinician server can be accessed here using the following credentials

Username HelleAndersen
Pasword HelleAndersen1

The Citizen server can be accessedhere using the following credentials:

Username NancyAnn
Pasword abcd1234

The HTML-client for the Citizen server can be accessed here using the same credentials as for the citizen server.

As this is running on our internal servers, we make no promises regarding uptime. If some or all of the servers are down, we refer you to the VM.

How OpenTele 2 Sandbox was created

To find a complete guide to how the OpenTele 2 sandbox was created, click the link below

How OpenTele 2 Sandbox was created

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