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Towards OpenTele3

With the overall goal of enabling development of better and more efficient solutions for users the specific goal of the OpenTele3 efforts is to begin a revision of OpenTele that can provide even better support for:

  • Development and maintenance with multiple software suppliers working in parallel.
  • Increased reuse of components across different solutions.
  • Improved support for international standards and interfaces

The activities relating to OpenTele3 are coordinated by an internal work group at 4S in collaboration with a range of 4S and OpenTele stakeholders.

Read the OpenTele3 roadmap (in Danish) for the suggested prioritization and roadmap of next steps suggested by 4S.

The original work on the OpenTele3 design was partly funded by the TeleCareNord project and consisted of three parts:

  • Suggesting a architectural design / goal description for future OpenTele implementations in dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Evaluating the design by implementing one potential component (the OpenTele3 Questionnaire editor)
  • Extending the open source components for developing and testing interoperability with international standards and national infrastructure (sometimes referred to as 'the 4S sandbox') - hereunder integration of OpenTele components and infrastructure components.

These wiki pages contain the descriptions of the work, including the architectural analysis and design and documentation of the questionnaire editor component.

Architectural design

In the pages listed below we describe and discuss the current thoughts on the design of an OpenTele3 architecture. These pages are live documents that aim to reflect an ongoing design process and discussion. If you have comments, questions or otherwise wish to participate in this work feel free to contact the coordinator of the 4S Software Group Michael Christensen.

OpenTele3 architectural design pages:


The following page contains miscellaneous notes and collections of links on things like HL7 FHIR and microservices, collected during the architectural design work:

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