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OpenTele community

Read our page about Open Source Community Participation for a brief introduction to all different ways you can interact with us and the rest of the OpenTele open source community, including our online forum and our OpenTele group on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, read below about some of the ways in which you can help us make OpenTele even better.

Help us make OpenTele better

It doesn't take much to help us, a few lines in a bug report, or fixing a spelling error here on the wiki, it can be done in a few minutes and doesn't require any coding experience.

You can read more in the sections below.

Extend the wiki

If you spot an error on the wiki, then please help us by fixing it or opening an issue in Jira on the OpenTele project where you point out the error (after you either log in with an existing account or create an account that you can log in with).

If you want to contribute a bigger element, like a user manual, an architecture diagram or anything else that you might spend more than 10 minutes on, then you might want to contact the team first to discuss your suggestions, it's for the benefit of everyone that there is some dialog before significant work effort is made on the project, you do this by opening an issue in Jira on the OpenTele project.

Defects and features

If you found a defect (bug) somewhere and would like to help us by spending a few minutes on reporting it in our issue tracking system (You need to create an account, which is free, you do that by clicking the “Log In” in the upper right corner, and then use the sign up feature at the bottom of the popup).

If you have an idea for a new cool or missing feature then it will ultimately end up as a issue report too (if your great idea isn't in the code, then we are sure we meant to have it, and it must be a defect that no-one have ever implemented it, we call these defects “Feature requests”). But before jumping to opening a new Feature request report you might want to consider jumping over to our discussion forum to share your idea there first.

To see an overview of what happens with an issue from it is first created, until it is closed follow this link.

Writing code or test cases

If you want to help us extend the code, write more/better test cases or fix a known issue, then we would appreciate if you first spend a few minutes looking over our pages on Contributing Changes to understand the process we are enforcing, when it comes to accepting changes to the code repositories. It's not difficult, and we accept contributions from anyone, we only have the process to avoid multiple people working on the same issue, or for people to waste time working on stuff that won't be accepted in the tree anyway - like if someone wanted to add a chess game in OpenTele, without relating it to monitoring of a medical condition.

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