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Medical Risk

Note: This is a draft page

When you work with software that is used in a real life senario you need to be aware of the local regulations that might cover the software and/or the use of the software.

The OpenTele (OT) project isn't suposed to be used in any environment directly, however companies and organisations are free to take the software and do what is needed to comply with relevant regulations.

As it is assumed that one or more companies actually use OT in such a setup, and as developers on the OT project might find things that could lead to failures in such systems, we might in the future create a maling list where concerns about the software can be raised.

The existance of such a mailing list does not mean that the OT project takes any responsibility for the content of the mailing list, nor should anyone make any assumptions that the list will contain all potential issues that are found.

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