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Contributing changes

When you want to make changes to source code for 4S components and want to deliver these changes back to the open source community you should enter in a dialog with 4S. The overall process for change request, submission, approval and publication can be outlined as follows:

To read about the requirements and steps involved please click the individual links above.

Notice, that we encourage a participatory, iterative and agile approach to software development and following that we hope and encourage that the above is not the only interchange between you and 4S and that dialogue on different levels and with different stakeholders will happen before, after and in between the five steps outlined above.

Notice about TRL levels: If for instance a component is still in an idea & concept (TRL 1-3) or prototyping phase (TRL 4-5) we do not expect you to follow alle the requirements set out on these pages. See more about this on the page about approval of submitted changes.

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