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Wiki Contributions

To contribute to the technical 4S wiki all you need to do is register as a user using the Register link, available at the top of each of the wiki pages (if you are not already registered and logged in as a user).

Once you are registered and logged in you can edit and create pages. Your submissions will be subject to our license and IP policies.

Document and Media Upload

For security reasons uploading of documents and other media is not permitted by default. If you wish to be given access rights to do so, please send us an email at, stating the reason for your request along with your wiki username. We will get back to you as soon as we have processed your request.

Images and Clipart Illustrations

A bowl of SOUP (photo: Hans Schwarzkopf, license: CC0)Before you upload any image or clipart illustration you did not produce yourself, you must ensure that the owner of the image allows this use. Please upload such images as JPEG files (convert if necessary), as the DokuWiki media manager only handles JPEG metadata. When you have uploaded the image, add proper title, copyright, author etc. to the image meta data (in the wiki Media Manager “edit”-tab – which is only available for JPEG images). When using the image on a page, please make sure, that the image links to the information page and that it has a proper credit in either a figure caption below the image or a mouse-over caption. See the soup bowl to the right as an example of this. See also the Creative Commons' short guide on best practices for attribution.

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