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The 4S software is organised in projects, and since most of the current projects have been “inherited” from concluded research projects, there are quite a few differences in size, scope, and internal organisation between these projects. Please read the 4S history to understand the origin of the different projects.

The inherited projects are:

Since 2015, the 4S organisation has been working on streamlining the processes and organisation surrounding its projects, as well as creating a common shared architecture framework. During this period the following two projects below were born:

The OpenTele VM on a USB stick


In order to help the community members experience a smooth and easy introduction to the 4S projects, example implementations are made available. This also includes virtual machines with entire systems (OpenTele and XDS server) as well as full developer environments.


The term Net4Care is branding a set of components implementing various aspects of the Danish reference architectures. The reference architectures are based on design guidelines from Continua Alliance, profiles from IHE, and standards from HL7 and others. The modules are applied in a test infrastructure, which illustrates how to use the modules. The modules are thoroughly documented with elaborate tutorials and easy to use examples. Some components are directly usable, while others serve as sample implementations.


OpenTele is a complete telemedical platform for handling PRO data and measurements from personal health devices. The platform comprises a server part and a tablet app installed on a tablet located in the home of the citizen. Using this tablet, the citizen can answer questionnaires, perform measurements and exercises, and communicate with the general practitioner or hospital staff. The server exposes a web portal where a clinician can handle – and communicate with – his patients, and review the data they collected. Furthermore, the server will forward measurements to the KIH Database for integration with other clinical systems.

KIH (Home Monitoring) Database

National Danish system that collects, stores and makes telemedical measurements and monitoring data available across systems and sectors. This database was developed as part of the KIH (Clinically Integrated Home Monitoring) project, hence the name.

4S Device Communication

4SDC logo The 4S Device Communication module collection is a library for applications interacting with personal health devices (like blood pressure monitors, oximeters, thermometers, weight scales, exercise bikes and so on). The main focus is on devices compliant with the Continua Design Guidelines, but other types of devices are also supported.

The 4SDC core currently supports Android, Ubuntu and iOS with a small demo application that makes it possible to use the personal health devices from the script of a webpage.

Questionnaire Editor

The questionnaire editor is a tool for building QFDD-compliant questionnaires. Currently, it is only a very limited prototype under development intended for experimenting with the QFDD standard in an OpenTele3 context.

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