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The OpenTele VM on a USB stick In order to help the community members experience a smooth and easy introduction to the 4S projects, example implementations are made available. This includes example implementations of components, which assists in handling the standards appointed in the Danish reference architectures, virtual machines which makes it easier to tag into a telemedical infrastructure, and an infrastructure for handling projects.

The work extends a range of earlier projects and is currently funded partly by the TeleCareNord project and partly by the project.

  • Net4Care, implementation of different aspects of the reference architecture.
  • 4SDC HTML/JS Demo, a module for interaction between a webpage and personal health devices.
  • OpenXDS VM, an installation of an open source implementation of XDS.
  • OpenTele VM, an installation of an open source implementation of a telemedical platform.
  • Questionnaire editor, an editor for QFDD documents.
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