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The term Net4Care is branding a set of components implementing various aspects of the Danish reference architectures. The reference architectures are based on design guidelines from Continua Alliance, profiles from IHE, and standards from HL7 and others. The modules are applied in a test infrastructure, which illustrates how to use the modules. The modules are thoroughly documented with elaborate tutorials and easy to use examples. Some components are directly usable, while others serve as sample implementations.

Net4Care Components

The currently available components are:

  • PHMR Builder. A standalone component to build PHMR documents, which follows the Danish profilation of PHMR.
  • PHMR Viewer. A standalone component for searching and viewing PHMR documents. Utilizes the MHD Server.
  • XDS Connector. A standalone component for interfacing Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) sources, which follows the Danish profilation of XDS metadata.
  • MHD Server. A standalone component implementing the IHE Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) profile.
  • IUA Server. A security component implementing the IHE Internet User Authorization (IUA) profile.


The original Net4Care project has its own site and the source code is available using Subversion. Future development will be a modularization of Net4Care, where new and easy-to-integrate modules are individual projects. The source code for the new modules is available on Bitbucket and issues can be reported in JIRA.

The development of the Net4Care platform was originally funded by The Central Denmark Region and EU via Caretech Innovation, where the main contributers were Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen University, and The Alexandra Institute. Later the Net4Care platform constituted the development platform in the performance contract Denmark - a pioneer in telemedicine (in Danish: resultatkontrakten Danmark som telemedicinsk foregangsland).

The original Net4Care platform was developed before the release of the Danish reference architectures. Thus there are aspects of the platform, which do not follow the reference architecture. The experience with the platform was also, that companies were reluctant to use the platform, as it was a significant dependency. Thus 4S is working on modularizing Net4Care, so we can provide individual modules for very specific purposes. The PHMR Builder is an example of that. The experience with the PHMR Builder was that it has been difficult to get companies to participate in the ecosystem around the component. They do download and use the component, but further development is not pushed back into the ecosystem. Thus the current focus in 4S is to provide example implementations of components for interacting with the standards. The focus in the implementation is reability, and not things like stability or performance. The XDS Connector is an example of that.

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