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IMPORTANT: The OpenTele project is NOT a medical product and should not be used as such. Nothing made or published by the OpenTele project or the 4S foundation, is a medical product, and it should not be used as such! Everything made is meant as illustrative and to be a source of inspiration for developers that wants to use the technologies presented. Also see the "Medical risk" page


The OpenTele project is made to promote the use of telemedicine, by illustrating how monitoring and training can happen remotely.

OpenTele is a complete telemedical platform for handling PRO data and measurements from personal health devices. The platform comprises a server part and a tablet app installed on a tablet located in the home of the citizen. Using this tablet, the citizen can answer questionnaires, perform measurements and exercises, and communicate with the general practitioner or hospital staff. The server exposes a web portal where a clinician can handle – and communicate with – patients, and review the data they collected. Furthermore, the server will forward measurements to the KIH Database for integration with other clinical systems.

The project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

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